Eastern Platinum Ball Mill Refurbishment

The project team was awarded the ‘turnkey’ project logistics contract to execute the shipment of six second-hand Ball Mills ex Cebu (Philippines) and parts/accessories ex Perth and Darwin (Australia), for and on behalf of Rhodium Reefs/Barplats.

Our scope included application to ITAC for a Stage Consignment Ruling, application to the Department of Trade and Industries for a Second Hand Import Permit as well as registration of Rhodium Reefs Limited as an importer with SARS. Additionally pre-shipment inspections arranged (Beauport Maritime cc) as well as a ‘marine survey’ (Del Pan Marine & Cargo Surveyors) confirming satisfactory stowage.

Given that both Darwin and Cebu are remote destinations with limited shipping options, we had to source a vessel that could accommodate all the cargo (two ports of loading) and be able to berth in drafts lower than 8m. The cargo valued at R150m comprised of: 100 pieces break-bulk and containers (3662cbm) 1442 tons; 80% cargo abnormal from Cebu, Philippines; and five pieces break-bulk and containers (244cbm) 101 tons (4m> high and 3m> wide) from Darwin, Australia.

The best shipping option was to charter a vessel of 3500 tons, load Darwin cargo in Singapore and thereafter proceed to Cebu to load the remaining cargo or vice versa. The Perth cargo was shipped via conventional Shipping line service.

The equipment had to be loaded on a 5000 tons barge from Tayud in Consolacion, approximately 10kms from the Cebu International Port (CIP). Loading out of CIP proved to be a challenge at time of loading due to adverse weather conditions (heavy rains & strong winds) that ravaged throughout the Pacific restricting work on barge to ship transfer to daylight hours only.

On arrival of the vessel in Richards Bay on the 1st of December, we were met with the second challenge of expediting deliveries from the Port to the site in Brits. We had given the client prior warning that road embargoes are always imposed in South Africa during school holidays, which started on December the 1st that year, hence the loads could only start being road hauled to site with National Roads Agency approval from December the 12th onwards. With much assistance from various parties the last two items of 76 loads were dispatched from Richards Bay on the 31st January, a logistics spend of R11m.